The National Conference of Traditional Healing

Featuring the Legends of Health

April 30 – May 9, 2020





I M P O R T A N T    I N F O R M A T I O N   F O R   S P E A K E R S


The Conference is composed of 11 sessions – over 10 days:  April 30th – May 9th.

We apologize in advance for the number of emails you will be receiving from the conference organizers. This will serve to provide you with a better experience and seamless transition between speakers & presentations.  Each email will contain the access code for the next session.

Access Codes with being sent out 11 times – once for each new session.  They will arrive via Gmail and/or MailChimp. This will ensure higher reliability of them being opened and read.

We have reports some of the conference guests & badge holders have not received our emails or phone call messages.  A total of 6 emails blasts and 2 rounds of telephone calls have been completed to date. We are using the data provided to us by the Speakers & Presenters. Therefore we **WE HIGHLY recommend that you forward this email with the access codes to your Badge Holders & Paid Guests.

**Organizers of the Conference are not responsible for missed emails or failed communications.




Basic Instructions for the Webinar Conference.

****PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK PROVIDED FOR EACH SESSION 60 MINUTES BEFORE THE SCHEDULED START TIME. This will ensure that ‘Speakers & Presenters’ do not get locked out****

ONCE SIGNED IN – YOU WILL BE IN THE WAITING ROOM – just relax. This is a perfect time for you & the organizer to test audio and video connections Plus any power-point presentations. Once the session begins you will be introduced, you will then be ‘handed-over the presentation’ and then “it’s SHOWTIME”.

Please remember that this is a paid / and or guest invited event – they are looking for exclusive & meaningful content.  Please share your best research & breakthroughs. Engage the audience so that they feel the time spent watching you, really was a good investment. If you want to sell your books, programs and other online events, that’s Great! – but the audience must feel a connection with you simply beyond the sales pitch.

Please respect the next presenter’s time by being on time to your session and gracefully exiting the stage on time. You will be given the “10 minutes to go” prompt by the organizer.



We will be using the Go-To-Meeting platform which is very User Friendly and extremely reliable.

When you log in to each session – please respect each Speakers presentation by observing the following:


1. Please make sure your Web-cam is turned OFF.

2. Please make sure you microphone is MUTED.

3. Please only use the Chat feature if absolutely required.

4. If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please refer to the Go-To-Meeting tutorial : “Go-To-Meeting Attendee Guide” – Simply click on the link below.

(We suggest acquainting yourself with Go-To-Meeting in advance of the Webinar Conference)


The Schedule of Speakers & Presentations for each session is attached in a PDF file below:

There will be a short break between each presentation.


The Sessions will be recorded and be made available at a later date.  Please do not send requests for them.  You will be sent an email once they have passed editing and are ready for distribution.  They will be free of charge – again thank you for your patients.


<<<Please read the Waiver & Non-Disclosure attached in this email>>>

Now it’s time to Sit Back / Relax / Take Notes and most of all…enjoy the Conference!


PLEASE NOTE: CROSS SHARING OF ACCESS CODES WITH REFUNDED GUESTS WILL NOT BE PERMITTED.  The program has been pre-set with the names & emails of Ticket & Badge holders and their paid invited guests. All other will be escorted off of the session by the Organizer of the Webinar.


This event will present 30+ Speakers and Presenters from Around The Globe.

They will share exclusively with you, the most up-to-date/cutting-edge health Information.  It is the kind of information that your family, friends & neighbors will certainly want to know about.  Each presenter has been working very hard to showcase their talents, knowledge, and unique perspective on Health & Well-being for this Webinar Format Event.  Plus they all have been conducting exciting research they can’t wait to share with you.


This is a paid-ticket only event. Again each night you will be sent an email with the Access Code for the next day’s presenters PLUS exciting Special Offers, E-Books & Exclusive Literature. So mark it down on your agenda and make a date with the Legends of Health at the National Conference of Traditional Healing


Enjoy the Conference,


Thu, Apr 30, 2020 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM (EDT)
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Fri, May 1, 2020 5:00 PM – 11:00 PM (EDT)

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Canada: +1 (647) 497-9391

Access Code: 924-583-261

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