A friend of mine told me about Dr. Stanley Ngui

I had a chronic right shoulder and arm pain for ten years. Over that period of time, I was treated with some of the best healthcare professionals. There were different names given for my condition and also why it was a very difficult issue to treat. I believed them. In the ten year period of time, my right shoulder and arm suffered from serious atrophy. They were almost skin and bones. I had to always support my right arm. It has been so long that I gave up trying.

A friend of mine told me about Dr. Stanley Ngui, and how he is the best in his field.  I thought to myself that I have already tried the best in the field. Who is the guy? I went to Dr. Ngui’s clinic with no hope of getting well.

After Dr. Ngui assessed me, he touched my head with one finger and asked me to raise my arm. I thought to myself that he did not understand the severity of the situation. To my astonishment, I was able to raise my arm with almost no pain. I raised my arm a few times and the pain was gone. He told me that the treatment was a special technique, and it is called NGUI-MATRIX.

After four treatments I started weight training and my shoulder and arm are back to normal size and without pain.

Thanks, Dr. Ngui. It is unbelievable.

Nigel H.

Nigel H.