1. Acupressure Medical Workshop: What Is It? How Does It Help?

    Utilizing acupoints is a staple of traditional Chinese medicine, being why it has found its place in Grandmaster Stanley Ngui’s proprietary NGUI-MATRIX health care system.  Grandmaster Stanley Ngui, being a 23rd generation traditional Chinese medicine practitioner with family practices dating bac…Read More

  2. The Benefits Of Attending A Medical Seminar Or Medical Conference

    Medical seminars and medical conferences are no new thing, as healthcare professionals have been exchanging new found knowledge with each other for thousands of years. In doing so medicine, as a whole, can become more complete as medical practitioners “fill” the gaps in each others knowledge. It…Read More

  3. What You Need To Know Before The NGUI-MATRIX Medical Workshops

    So you are interested in attending the NGUI-MATRIX medical conference. Within the conference, there will be demonstrations that for the sake of it we could refer to as medical workshops, where Grandmaster Stanley Ngui will discuss in great depth his proprietary health care system the NGUI-MATRIX. Wh…Read More

  4. Welcome To The NGUI-MATRIX Blog

    Welcome to the NGUI- MATRIX blog, where we will be discussing all things relevant to Grandmaster Stanley Ngui’s upcoming medical seminars. Grandmaster Stanley will be holding a medical conference in September during the weekend of the 9th, where he will present and teach the NGUI-MATRIX health car…Read More