1. 5 Signs That It Is Time To See A Clinician For Pain Management

    We live in a generation where going to the doctor, or to see a clinician, is often avoided. Why is this? Some people are conditioned to think that it will cost them an arm and a leg to see their medical profession, while others simply find medical treatment facilities to be uncomfortable. Regardless…Read More

  2. Complementary And Alternative Medicine In The United States

    Over the last decade, people have begun to hear the term “complementary and alternative medicine” more often as it gains popularity in communities across the United States. Why is this? Maybe it is because people are scared of the harsh side effects that traditional treatments can cause. Maybe i…Read More

  3. How Does Chronic Pain Affect People

    How Does Chronic Pain Affect People?

    When it comes to the subject of chronic pain, people often think about how the person is affected by the pain, not how the pain affects the person. Sure, it is easy to picture chronic pain as simply something that keeps someone in a constant state of discomfort, but it can affect the person in almos…Read More

  4. Identifying Different Types Of Pain & Choosing Treatment

    Identifying Different Types Of Pain & Choosing Treatment

    As a clinician, you likely deal with pain management issues every single day. Why is this? Across the world, and particularly here in Canada, there is a large population of people that experience chronic pain —whether that be the result of a past injury or natural causes. Because of the inherent n…Read More

  5. What Is Humanitarian Medicine And Where Can You Learn About It

    What Is Humanitarian Medicine? And Where Can You Learn About It?

    All across the world, there are people that need medical attention, yet do not have the means to access it. Whether it be the need for medicine, the need for surgery or the need for integrative and alternative medical treatments, humanitarian medicine is a necessary means of relief. There are many d…Read More