The NGUI Matrix

In this class you’ll be able to discover the true possibilities behind Qigong healing methods and how it can help you and your clients on your quests for wellness and health. The NGUI Matrix technique is a copyrighted health care technique created from scratch by Grand Master Stanley. The technique uses both Eastern and Western modalities, but is, at the same time, a radically different approach to healing. It utilizes the subconscious functions of your brain to pinpoint pain and ailments and treat them using your body’s own immune system and problem management processes. As a whole, it brings the science behind qi into practice to better target energies and pains throughout a client’s body. Using the energy stored within the body and meridian flows, you can aid the human body in it’s process of correcting abnormalities and addressing potential future health problems. 

The NGUI Matrix was developed based on years of passed down knowledge of qigong healing methods. Grand Master Stanley was the first of his line to make the age-old family tradition of medicinal qigong techniques available outside of the family. It’s a health system based on thousands of years of practice surrounding and utilizing the same principles as acupuncture. The system is completely natural, does not use any drugs, and is often performed by a well-educated practitioner. However, now that the NGUI Matrix is online, the methodologies from the NGUI family’s intimate understanding of Qi and energy meridians will be able to flow more freely through the world and be used to help more people around the globe. 


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