Join us in Stevenville, Ontario to discuss the NGU-MATRIX, an innovative new pain management and treatment technique, and how it can be used to address simple pain.  Simple pain can be chronic or acute. In fact, simple pain and general pain are experienced by almost everyone at some point during their life.

On May 11, 2019, Grandmaster Stanley Ngui, the creator of the NGUI-MATRIX will be holding a medical seminar and workshop — teaching those in attendance his non-invasive and non-toxic pain management technique.

Who Is Grandmaster Stanley Ngui?

Grandmaster Stanley Ngui Hon Sang is a 23rd generation practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine and Qigong, as well as being a medical professional and presenter of innovative medical techniques like the NGUI-MATRIX non-invasive pain management system.

Grandmaster Stanley Ngui is an experienced presenter and medical professional — speaking at medical conferences like the World Organization of Natural Medicine and prestigious universities around the world.

Currently, Grandmaster Stanley Ngui Hon Sang is a member of the Steering Committee of Integrative Medicine, and the Chancellor of North America for the Orthomolecular Division of the World Organization of Natural Medicine Practitioners.


The NGUI-MATRIX is an innovative medical treatment technique that can be used to manage and treat chronic and acute pain. As a culmination of Grandmaster Stanley Ngui’s extensive knowledge, the NGUI-MATRIX utilizes a number of different frameworks that you may be familiar with as a medical professional, while also providing a fresh new take on pain management systems.

The principle framework of the NGUI-MATRIX recognizes that natural energies flow along meridians in the human body.  When someone experiences pain, acute or chronic, it is a sign that there are abnormalities in the body that cannot be corrected naturally. The NGUI-MATRIX technique allows medical practitioners to correct these abnormalities in a non-invasive way — adjusting the Qi of the person experiencing pain.

The NGUI-MATRIX is an excellent treatment technique for the medical professional or clinician that commonly deals with patients suffering from simple pain. If you work with simple pain, whether it be chronic or acute, we urge you to attend the upcoming event on May 11 in Stevenville, Ontario.

What Is Included?

  • An informational lecture
  • A hands-on clinical  workshop
  • Extensive professional networking opportunities

We Look Forward To Seeing You Soon!

We look forward to seeing you in Stevenville If you have any questions prior to the conference about the NGUI-MATRIX non-invasive pain management technique we suggest you visit our website or contact us today.

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