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If you have any questions about the NGUI-MATRIX, you have come to the right place. Below, we have listed some common questions that people have about the NGUI-MATRIX, it’s function, Grandmaster Stanley Ngui, and booking Grandmaster Stanley for a speaking event or conference. If after browsing the following FAQs you still find your question to be unanswered, we urge you to get in touch with us and ask.



The NGUI-MATRIX is a copyrighted health care technique that was developed by Grandmaster Stanley Ngui. This treatment method is drastically different from traditional Eastern and Western treatment models and utilizes the mind and brain to treat and regulate abnormalities in health and feeling. The NGUI-MATRIX operates on the observable principle that the subconscious part of the brain controls organ function and the feeling of pain in the body. If you are interested in learning more about the innovative NGUI-MATRIX health care approach, click here.

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How Does The NGUI-MATRIX Work

How Does The NGUI-MATRIX Work?

To truly understand how the NGUI-MATRIX works it is important that you attend a CME conference, medical workshop, or speaking event hosted by Grandmaster Stanley Ngui. In summation, the NGUI-MATRIX is a proprietary health care technique that utilizes Qigong and the natural flow of body energy (Qi) to correct abnormalities or pain that is being experienced. The NGUI-MATRIX utilizes brain augmentation to activate the subconscious parts of the brain. In doing so, a clinician can activate specific acupoints in the body and address pain centers. After activation of a certain point or set of points in the scalp, a clinician can adjust the natural flow of energy in the body — redirecting the energy to the affected parts of the body along the body’s natural meridians. Upon doing so, the body can return to homeostasis.

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What is Qigong’s Role In The NGUI-MATRIX

What is Qigong’s Role In The NGUI-MATRIX?

Qigong is a holistic system of body postures, movements, breathing, and meditation that is coordinated for purposes of health, spirituality, and control. Derived from traditional Chinese medicine and philosophy, Qigong’s main purpose is to cultivate, balance, and correct the flow of Qi. The NGUI-MATRIX would not be as effective as it is without Grandmaster Stanley’s knowledge in Qigong, as Qigong is the part of the NGUI-MATRIX that allows for the movement and reallocation of energy along the body’s meridians. In doing so, the clinician can promote natural healing and the recuperative power of the body.

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What is Brain Augmentation’s Role In The NGUI-MATRIX

What is Brain Augmentation’s Role In The NGUI-MATRIX?

Brain augmentation is the act of increasing brain function and utilizing said functions to address abnormalities in the body. Being that the NGUI-MATRIX is a non-invasive pain treatment technique that addresses the natural flow of energy in the body, brain augmentation plays a large role in the treatment, or correction, of bodily functions. By placing their hands on points, or multiple points on a patient’s head, a clinician trained in the NGUI-MATRIX can aid the brain in addressing the bodily abnormalities through natural augmentation.

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What Is The Role Of Meridians In The NGUI-MATRIX

What Is The Role Of Meridians In The NGUI-MATRIX?

Grandmaster Stanley’s NGUI-MATRIX is heavily influenced by his extensive knowledge in traditional Chinese medicine and philosophies — one of those influences being the use of the meridian system to address pain and other bodily abnormalities that the body is experiencing. A meridian is the energy distribution system within the body in which Qi flows. Whereas Western medicine recognizes the central nervous system (CNS) as the passageway for pain and the correction of pain, the NGUI-MATRIX is modeled off of the traditional Chinese belief that pain can be addressed by correcting the flow of energy throughout the meridian system.

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What Is The Theory Behind The NGUI-MATRIX

What Is The Theory Behind The NGUI-MATRIX?

The predominant theory behind the NGUI-MATRIX is that pain flows through the body as electricity does through a circuit — and this is true in regard to both body meridians and the central nervous system. If you have ever stubbed your toe, you will notice that it does not just hurt your toe, but it will also send a shooting pain up your leg for a brief moment in time. It is the belief behind the NGUI-MATRIX that these pathways are not just for the response of pain, but can also be used to treat, or correct, pain. Depending on the variance and intensity of the pain that is being experienced, meridians can be used to send a corrective energy to the point that is experiencing pain by following the path of least resistance — as electricity does.

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What Are The Intended Uses For The NGUI-MATRIX

What Are The Intended Uses For The NGUI-MATRIX?

The NGUI-MATRIX is an extremely versatile health care treatment system and has a wide variety of intended treatment uses. That being said, there is one medical symptom that is more prevalent than any others — pain. Pain can be experienced by people chronically because of conditions ranging from joint pain and musculoskeletal issues to cancer and other diseases. Because of the various causes of pain, Grandmaster Stanley Ngui saw a need to create an innovative pain management solution that can address pain in a non-invasive and side-effect-free way.

Traditional Western treatment methods including prescription pain medications can cause a number of undesirable side effects ranging from constipation to drowsiness to nausea to upset stomach and heartburn. Rather than repressing one solution only to leave behind another, the NGUI-MATRIX is modeled to leave a patient happy, healthy, and pain-free!

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Can The NGUI-MATRIX Help Me?

One of the most common questions that we receive on a daily basis is “How can I be sure that the NGUI-MATRIX is right for me?” Typically, if you suffer from any kind of pain, chronic or acute, the NGUI-MATRIX medical technique can help you see immediate relief. Some of the more common types of pain that are treated using the NGUI-MATRIX are musculoskeletal pain, pain from past injuries, and pains as a result of disease or infection.

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How Can The NGUI-MATRIX Benefit My Clinic

How Can The NGUI-MATRIX Benefit My Clinic?

As a clinician or medical care provider, you are always searching for innovative new ways to provide treatment to your patients that commonly experience pain. By attending a CME conference, medical workshop, or booking Grandmaster Stanley Ngui to speak at your event, you can begin to learn the ways of the NGUI-MATRIX, allowing you to provide your patients with complementary and alternative medical treatments for pain relief.

Aside from the ability to offer your patients alternative and integrative treatment options, you will also be able to offer them a treatment with a high success rate in relieving pain and correcting bodily abnormalities. Since the inception of the NGUI-MATRIX, Grandmaster Stanley Ngui has seen a staggering 95-percent success rate. So what are you waiting for? Get started on the path to providing alternative and effective pain management treatments today!

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What To Expect When Visiting A Clinician Trained In The NGUI-MATRIX

What To Expect When Visiting A Clinician Trained In The NGUI-MATRIX?

When you are experiencing pain, you want fast relief. Often times, to provide the fastest relief possible a healthcare provider will simply prescribe a pharmaceutical drug that lessens your ability to feel pain — but this is a short-term fix, as it does not solve the problem in the long-term.  Because of this, it is important that you seek complementary and alternative treatment from a clinic that offers a less-impactful treatment method — a treatment method like the NGUI-MATRIX. But what can you expect when visiting a clinician that is trained in the NGUI-MATRIX health care treatment?

Much as a traditional doctor’s visit or checkup, the visit will start with you meeting with the clinician in an examination room. Once you have met with the clinician, they will ask you a series of questions. Questions like “Where is the pain on your body?”, “What does the pain feel like? Is it sharp or dull?”, “When did you begin to feel the pain?”, and “Has another clinician or medical professional prescribed you medication or attempted treatment? And if so, what was the outcome?”

Regardless of if the pain is chronic or acute, the clinician will examine the area where the pain is occurring and determine a course of action towards finding a solution. Depending on where the pain is being experienced, the clinician will determine the acupoint, or acupoints, on your scalp that are linked to the location that is experiencing pain. Once this is done, the pain will disappear.

Below, we have attached a sample video in which Grandmaster Stanley Ngui, himself, will demonstrate the NGUI-MATRIX health care technique on a woman that has been suffering from hip pain, recently diagnosed as degenerative hip dysplasia, for 18 years.

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How Can You, As A Clinician, Learn The NGUI-MATRIX Technique

How Can You, As A Clinician, Learn The NGUI-MATRIX Technique?

As a clinician, it is your duty to continue your medical education and attend seminars and conferences that allow you to integrate new treatments and medicines within your treatment regimen. Because of this, it is important that you actively seek educational opportunities.

Being that pain is something that affects every single person in the world at some point in their life, it makes sense to diversify your treatment regimen in the arena of pain management. The NGUI-MATRIX is the ideal addition to your clinic’s quiver of treatments. But how can you learn the NGUI-MATRIX technique?

Grandmaster Stanley Ngui has been known to speak at medical events and CME conferences across the world. Having spoken at previous events at organizations like the World Organization of Natural Medicine and various educational institutions across the world, Grandmaster Stanley Ngui is privy to educating others of his findings and techniques — and now, it matters more than ever. Being that from time to time he speaks at public seminars, we urge you to keep an eye out for an upcoming conference near you. However, if you are interested in learning about the NGUI-MATRIX, and how to integrate it within your practice, we urge you to consider booking him to speak at your own medical event. For more information on his upcoming events, click here. If you are interested in booking Grandmaster Stanley for your medical event, click here.

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What Can You Expect From A Speaking Event Or NGUI-MATRIX Course

What Can You Expect From A Speaking Event Or NGUI-MATRIX Course?

When you make the choice to attend an event or course with Grandmaster Stanley Ngui, you can expect to learn about the NGUI-MATRIX in a hands-on setting. Why is this? When it comes to learning new pain treatment techniques it is important to retain the information quickly — as a lot of information is taught in a short period of time. Because of this, Grandmaster Stanley Ngui presents in a workshop-style setting that allows for those in attendance to ask questions — ensuring that they can retain the information effectively. To find an up-to-date list of upcoming NGUI-MATRIX speaking events, click here.

If you are interested in taking a course and becoming a certified clinician of the NGUI-MATRIX pain treatment method we strongly suggest that you attend a more intensive course with Grandmaster Stanley Ngui. The NGUI-MATRIX course is structured as followed.

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