Join Grandmaster Stanley Ngui for one of his medical workshops where he will discuss his proprietary medical system the NGUI-MATRIX. As a 23rd generation traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, Grandmaster Stanley has developed his very own holistic medicine strategy that treats both injuries and illness by utilizing Qi, better known as the body’s energy. If you or someone that you know is interested in attending a medical workshop to learn more about the fundamentals of Grandmaster Stanley’s complementary and alternative medicine system we urge you to purchase a ticket. For more information on the event, visit our website.

  1. A series of brain cells rendered digitally.

    Back Pain Caused By Work — It Can Happen In An Office: Part One

    Worldwide, back pain is the single leading cause of disability. In fact, back pain is the leading disability that prevents people from engaging in both their professional work and everyday activities outside of their professional lives. But is that really a surprise? People as young as teenagers aro…Read More

  2. Back Pain Caused By Work — It Can Happen In An Office: Part Two

    As we discussed in part one of this two-part blog series, there are an incredible amount of back injuries that are sustained by Canadians alone each year. Because of this, an estimated six to 12 billion dollars a year are spent on the treatment of back-related injuries. But why are there so many bac…Read More

  3. Chronic Pain: Causes, Effects, And Treatment

    Sadly, chronic pain is something that a good majority of the global population is familiar with. In fact, it is estimated that over 20% of adults worldwide suffer from chronic pain — with another 10% being newly diagnosed with chronic pain each year. Because of the staggering number of people that…Read More

  4. Complementary And Alternative Medicine In The United States

    Over the last decade, people have begun to hear the term “complementary and alternative medicine” more often as it gains popularity in communities across the United States. Why is this? Maybe it is because people are scared of the harsh side effects that traditional treatments can cause. Maybe i…Read More

  5. How Qi Relates To The NGUI-MATRIX

    If you have been tuning in to our NGUI-MATRIX blogs, then you probably know about the upcoming medical conference hosted by the creator of this proprietary medical treatment system, Grandmaster Stanley Ngui. Over a two-day period, Grandmaster Stanley will hold medical lectures, as well as medical wo…Read More