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The medical industry is in a constant state of flux. Each and every year an innovative new medical treatment or a new medical technology is developed that is almost bound to influence medical treatments immensely. That being said, something has to be done to ensure that the valuable information is disseminated to integral parts of the medical community — and this is done in the form of medical seminars.

What Is A Medical Seminar?

When most people think of the word seminar, they tend to group it in with a number of other events, when in reality, medical seminars are much different from speeches, conferences, workshops, and symposiums.

Medical seminars are one of the most efficient ways to provide entire communities with information because they are inclusive and dynamic. In a medical seminar, the presenter is able to lecture, workshop, and have individual discussions with other like-minded medical and clinical professionals.

But Why Should You Book Grandmaster Stanley For Your Medical Seminar?

The most important part of planning a medical seminar is to pick a proper speaker. The speaker must have experience in the industry, experience in presenting, and most importantly — something valuable to present.

Grandmaster Stanley Ngui has just that. The NGUI-MATRIX is an innovative new medical treatment that addresses the most prevalent medical symptom in the world — pain. The NGUI-MATRIX incorporates ideologies and proven medical knowledge from both modern western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine that has been practiced in his family since the Yuan Dynasty in 1271.

In addition to having proven clinical and medical experience, Grandmaster Stanley Ngui also has an impressive track record speaking at prestigious medical events like the World Organization of Natural Medicine, as well as speaking events at colleges and the events of recognized colleges like Grandmaster Adrian Florea’s in Bucharest, Romania.

But aside from his experience and knowledge, what else can you expect from your medical event when you book Grandmaster Stanely Ngui as a speaker?

Reason 1: Learning About The NGUI-MATRIX

As we discussed earlier in today’s post, Grandmaster Stanley Ngui has created an innovative new medical approach known as the NGUI-MATRIX. This Innovative new pain management and pain treatment technique is special in the sense that it deviates from modern medicines need to use pharmaceuticals to treat conditions with symptoms of pain. The NGUI-MATRIX utilizes a number of non-invasive and non-toxic approaches to minimize and treat both chronic and acute pains that are being experienced by the patient. By booking Grandmaster Stanley for your next medical seminar, you provide all of those in attendance with the unique opportunity to learn this new technique firsthand.

Reason 2: Becoming Proficient In The Use of The NGUI-MATRIX

While most speakers at medical events like medical seminars might speak, answer a couple of questions, and then leave, Grandmaster Stanley Ngui takes a more hands-on approach to teaching. Grandmaster Stanley Ngui believes in his pain management treatment so much that it is important for him to ensure that those in attendance truly absorb the information that he has provided him with. Because of this, it is not uncommon for him to hold post-conference workshops so that those in attendance can better understand the great wealth of information that is the NGUI-MATRIX. When booking Grandmaster Stanley Ngui for a medical speaking event, consider booking home for a post-event workshop as well.

Reason 3: Learning To Integrate The NGUI-MATRIX Within Your Treatment Regimen

All too often, medical professionals attend medical seminars simply to satisfy their CME credit requirement — never taking the information back to their clinic or practice with the intention of integrating it within their medical processes.

Because the NGUI-MATRIX is proven to be a beneficial pain management tool, it is important that the information is retained and implemented within the attendee’s practice once they return. Because of this, when you Book Grandmaster Stanley Ngui you will also be provided with some basic information as to how you can integrate the NGUI-MATRIX within your own treatment regimens.

Reason 4: Experience A Fresh take On Modern Medicine

The experience of the speaker is often overlooked when considering the benefits of established medical seminars like the World Organization of Natural Medicine. Sure, the information that they have come to present is incredibly important and beneficial, but their experience and views on existing medical practices can also be considered as valuable.

Grandmaster Stanley Ngui has the unique ability to provide insight on the modern medical industry and modern medical practices because not only is he well-versed in the field, but he is also knowledgeable in the world of clinical medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. This gives him the ability to make considerations and draw deductions that others might not be able to.

Reason 5: Learn To Value Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is not really taught much anymore in current medical schools — unless it is a clinician education program, that is. Part of the reason that Grandmaster Stanley Ngui was so successful in developing the NGUI-MATRIX is his involvement in clinical care and his knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine.

When he is not speaking act medical seminars, conferences, or any other events, Grandmaster Stanley Ngui works at his family-owned and operated Nguistyle clinic in Toronto. Providing services ranging from acupuncture to qigong to feng shui and gongfu, Grandmaster Stanley utilizes traditional treatment techniques to treat modern medical issues.

Reason 6: Understand The Balance Between modern And Traditional Treatments

Part of realizing the power of the NGUI-MATRIX pain management treatment is to understand the balance between modern and traditional medicines that were used to influence the innovative technique.

While most medical treatments might discredit other treatment methods, claiming to be more efficient, the NGUI-MATRIX takes the best qualities from modern medicine and the best qualities from traditional medicine to create a culmination of proven medical knowledge and technique.

Reason 7: You Will Learn From An Experienced Professional

When it comes to medical seminars and speaking events, the first thing you should do is to check the credentials of the speaker to make sure that they actively reflect the level of experience needed to be an effective and efficient speaker. Grandmaster Stanley Ngui boast impressive credentials like Master level in Qigong, Doctor of Philosophy in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Doctor of Acupuncture, Doctor of Natural Medicine, Doctor of Integrative Medicine and Doctor of Humanitarian Services, and more.

When you book Grandmaster Stanley Ngui as a speaker for your medical conference, you can expect from him to not only provide those in attendance with information and insight in regard to the NGUI-MATRIX but also his knowledge and experience from other parts of his medical career.

Reason 8: You Will Be Able To Network With Like Minded Medical Professionals

If there is one benefit to attending a medical seminar other than to learn innovative and clinically proven medical treatment and pain management techniques like the NGUI-MATRIX it is the unique ability that medical seminars provide for professional networking.

When you attend a medical seminar where Grandmaster Stanley Ngui is speaking you will be able to meet, and network with, a diverse population of other medical professionals that are also interested in learning non-invasive and non-toxic alternatives to pain relief. Once the conference is concluded you can keep connected with the other medical professionals in both personal and professional relationships that might benefit you or your practice sometime in the future.

Reason 9: You Will Learn Alternate Treatment Strategies To Offer To Your Patients

Modern medicine has taken a drastic shift since the digital era began. Now that patients have the ability to access any, and all, information on the internet, medical professionals have a new challenge — giving the patient what they want.

Patients are currently taking a new shift towards natural treatment options as they become more and more educated on the various effects that pharmaceuticals can have on their body. When it comes to pain management, pharmaceuticals have long been known as the primary treatment for pain relief, but the NGUI-MATRIX allows for a more natural, non-toxic, pain treatment and management strategies that can be offered to your patients.

Reason 10: Increasing Your Fundamental And Working Knowledge Of Medicine

What are medical seminars and CME conferences even for? To learn, of course. One of the best ways for a medical professional or a clinician to improve their working knowledge of medicine and innovative treatments is to attend a diverse selection of medical seminars. In doing so, the professional will have a greater understanding of how to approach medical issues.

Learning the NGUI-MATRIX is more beneficial than simply learning an innovative medical treatment. It is also a medical framework that can be used to approach, and solve, many different medical issues that might not otherwise be resolved.

Book Grandmaster Stanley Today!

If you are planning on holding a medical event like a medical seminar or CME conference we strongly urge you to consider booking Grandmaster Stanley Ngui as a speaker. Not only will those in attendance have the ability to learn an innovative pain management technique, but they will also be provided valuable insight from a highly trained and experienced medical and clinical professional.

So what are you waiting for? Book Grandmaster Stanley Ngui for your next medical seminar today!

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