When it comes to an event, there is one thing that captures people’s attention more than anything else — the speakers. As the host of an event, it is a necessity to choose speakers that will both captivate and engage the audience so that they both enjoy themselves, and learn a thing or two. As clinicians, it is more important than ever for you to choose the right speakers for your event — a speaker like Grandmaster Stanley Ngui.

In today’s blog post, we will be discussing a few of the things that you should keep in mind when searching for a speaker for your next medical event, as well as why we believe Grandmaster Stanley to be the perfect speaker for your event.

They Should Have Information That Cannot Be Found Anywhere Else

What is the best way to ensure that all of those in attendance are captivated by your events speaker? To make sure that the speaker will be discussing information that the audience does not already have and that cannot be found anywhere else. If you are hosting a medical conference for pain management professionals, you aren’t going to have a speaker come to talk about the painkillers and shots that they already know how to use, are you? Instead, it is more beneficial to have a speaker that can talk about a form of pain management that those in attendance do not already employ — a pain management system like the NGUI-MATRIX.

Bringing us to our next point. If you are looking for a qualified professional that can speak at your medical conference about a medical treatment or methodology that is new, unknown, exciting, and proven to work, then we urge you to consider getting in touch with Grandmaster Stanley Ngui to talk about having him speak at your medical conference. As the creator of the NGUI-MATRIX healthcare technique, an innovative non-invasive pain management technique, Grandmaster Stanley has access to valuable new treatment information that the clinicians in attendance of your conference could benefit from learning. To learn more about his innovative new pain management technique, click here.

They Should Be A Strong Speaker, Not Just A Industry Professional

As a clinician you likely already know that no matter how knowledgeable a healthcare professional is, not everyone can publically speak — after all, some of the smartest people in the world aren’t cut out for public speaking. Why is this important? Regardless of how groundbreaking and innovative the information is, it won’t matter if people in the audience can’t understand or can’t hear the speaker.

Grandmaster Stanley Ngui is well-versed in the arenas of medicine and speaking, as he is known for his appearances speaking at integrative medicine CME conferences, as well as other international medical events. Most recently, Grandmaster Stanley spoke at the Integrative, Natural, and Humanitarian Conference hosted by the World Organization of Natural Medicine. In addition to speaking at medical events for professional organizations, Grandmaster Stanley is also touring North America on his own to teach medical professionals his new alternative form of pain management known as the NGUI-MATRIX. To learn more about Grandmaster Stanley’s medical conferences, click here.

They Should Be Able To Answer Any, And All, Questions

When it comes to public speaking events, most people do well during the presentation but tend to trip up during the questions and answers segment at the conclusion of the event. Why is this an issue? Well, the question and answer portion of the presentation because it gives those in the audience the ability to ask questions about the parts of the presentation that they did not understand. What good is a presentation if people leave confused?

Grandmaster Stanley Ngui is well versed in the art of communicating the intricacies of his innovative new health care technique. In fact, during his two-day medical conferences, he hosts both lectures and workshops so that those in attendance of his conference may receive dynamic assistance in understanding the concepts of the NGUI-MATRIX. To get a better idea of the format of Grandmaster Stanley’s conference, click here.

Looking For A Public Speaker For Your Next Medical Event? Think Grandmaster Stanley Ngui.

If you are looking to hold a medical event with a keynote speaker, we urge you to get in touch with Grandmaster Stanley Ngui, creator of the NGUI-MATRIX. The NGUI-MATRIX is an innovative pain management system that focuses on correcting abnormalities in the body’s Qi or natural energy. In doing so, the NGUI-MATRIx can allow healthcare professionals to provide their patients with relief from their pain in a natural and non-invasive way. Grandmaster Stanley can provide you with quality medical content, as well as unmatched conversational skills to ensure that those in attendance don’t just listen to the presentation — but they also understand the presentation.

Are you interested in having Grandmaster Stanley Ngui speak at your upcoming medical conference? If so, we urge you to contact us today.

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