"Living with one of the world's most common health issue: back pain"

Every morning people all around the world wake up, stretch, and quickly reach for their back — as if touching it could potentially reduce the amount of pain that they are in. Now, some of these people wake up in memory foam beds, and others on dirt floors — showing that back pain is common regardless of where you live, or what social class that you are apart of.

Back pain is something that affects many people, in many different ways. For some people, it is simply a nuisance pain, and for others, it is a debilitating disorder that can keep them performing simple tasks that most people take for granted. Because of this, there is an inherent need for better ways to address and manage back pain — regardless of its severity.

The NGUI-MATRIX is an innovative pain treatment strategy that has been created by Grandmaster Stanley Ngui to address both chronic and acute back pain. Due to the uniqueness of this medical system, Grandmaster Stanley is holding various speaking events across the United States and Canada, while additionally offering medical organizations the opportunity to book him for a speaking event.

Because of how common back pain is worldwide, we thought it might be worthwhile to discuss living with back pain, as well as some ways to cope with, or get rid of, back pain. Continue reading to learn more.

How Common Is It Really?

Sure, in past blogs we have talked about the prevalence of acute and chronic pain among global populations, but sometimes it can be hard to visualize it. There are 540 million people worldwide that are affected by back pain. While that might not seem like an alarming number without any context, we would like to point out that in 2016 the entire United States and Canadian populations combined was 579 million. To put this in perspective, if 540 million people in North America were to have back pain, that would leave only a population comparable to the size of California’s unaffected by back pain. So yes, there are a lot of people globally that suffer from back pain.

How Can People Cope With Back Pain?

While we would never recommend that anyone learn to cope with back pain as a permanent solution for their pain, there is a need for people to know how to find temporary relief while they seek treatment from a medical professional or clinician. Sometimes it can be hard to schedule an appointment with your medical provider or preferred clinician. If you need relief from back pain and cannot schedule an appointment in an appropriate amount of time, you should consider trying some of the following:


Stretching and exercising might be painful for a brief second when you have back pain, but by stretching and warming the muscles naturally you will be able to temporarily relieve your back pain. How does this work? Well, by moving around you can stretch and loosen your tense lower back muscles that may have been contributing to your lower back pain. Regularly stretching and exercise can contribute to long-term back pain relief.

Hot & Cold Therapies

You might remember when you were a kid going to grandma and grandpa’s that there was seemingly always a heating pad within an arm’s reach of the couch or the recliner. But how can heating pads and cold packs help you with your back pain? Heat can relieve tense and aching muscles, and cold packs can reduce painful inflammation.  While you may not be able to see your preferred medical professional for a few weeks, we still suggest that you call them and ask how you should use heat and the cold therapies for relief.

Apply Pain Relief Cream

There are many different kinds of pain relief cream. Some of the creams are cooling, and others are warming. In fact, some creams are neither cooling or warming but are instead loaded with ingredients that are absorbed into your skin to provide pain relief. A quick google search can help you choose what kind of cream is right for your back pain, as well as tell you where to find it. Much like hot and cold therapies, it is beneficial to contact your doctor or clinician of choice to ask them their opinion on what cream you should use.   

While we could discuss finding back pain relief for days, the above three methods of coping with back pain are known to be the most effective. There are, however, many different ways that one can find back pain relief by adjusting some of the everyday activities, or habits in their life — ranging from tasks as simple as being mindful of their posture to sleeping better to changing their insoles or the shoes that they wear. But what do people really want? Not to cope with back pain. They want to get rid of back pain.  

How Can You Get Rid Of Your Back Pain?

When it comes to back pain, most people feel inclined to seek a medical professional’s or a clinician’s aid right away. This is, in fact, the best course of action. When you see the opinion of a medical professional, they might prescribe you with medication and recommend you to a specialist — most often a chiropractor, physical therapist, or orthopedic specialist. If possible, specialists can fix your back pain rather easily, but in some situations, surgery may be necessary.

In other instances, you may seek the aid of a clinician such as Grandmaster Stanley Ngui. In doing so you can see pain relief in the form of acupuncture, Qigong, or in the case of the NGUI-MATRIX — brain augmentation.


The NGUI-MATRIX, as we stated at the start of this blog, is an innovative treatment technique that can be used to manage, and correct, back pain and other common pains in the body — whether they be chronic or acute. Essentially, this innovative new treatment utilizes Qi and brain augmentation to redistribute the natural flow of energy around the body — correcting any abnormalities that may have caused the pain.

If you wish to learn more about the NGUI-MATRIX so that you can utilize it as a pain treatment technique in your clinic or medical facility, we urge you to attend an upcoming NGUI-MATRIX conference at a location near you. If there is not an upcoming conference near you, we urge you to get in touch with us today so that you can book Grandmaster Stanley to speak at your next medical seminar. We look forward to hearing from you!

If you have any questions about the NGUI-MATRIX, please don’t hesitate to contact us or view our FAQ page.

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