Utilizing acupoints is a staple of traditional Chinese medicine, being why it has found its place in Grandmaster Stanley Ngui’s proprietary NGUI-MATRIX health care system.  Grandmaster Stanley Ngui, being a 23rd generation traditional Chinese medicine practitioner with family practices dating back to the Yuan Dynasty, has integrated medical pressure points into his modern pain treatment and therapy approach. Join Grandmaster Stanley at one of his upcoming medical conferences to learn more about the NGUI-MATRIX and how it can improve your practice.

Before you attend one of the upcoming medical workshops, we see it first to more clearly define what acupressure is, as well as its place in the NGUI-MATRIX medical system. Continue reading below to grasp a better understanding of how this traditional Chinese medicine technique has found a place in the NGUI-MATRIX.


Withing traditional Chinese medicine, acupressure always played a large role in alleviating pain and the movement of Qi.  Much like acupoints in medical acupuncture, a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine can utilize pressure points to access the meridians of the body in which Qi flows. What is the goal of using pressure points by practicing acupressure? Utilizing pressure points is simply a way to access, and rebalance, the patient’s Qi — likely relieving the ailments and discomforts felt by the patient.

Within any acupressure treatments, the doctor of natural medicine will place their hands on to different points in the body that are considered to be meridians, or lines of energy, to balance the body’s natural Qi.

Why Does Acupressure Work?

To put it as simply as possible, the primary reason that traditional Chinese practices like acupressure are effective is that rather than focusing on the illness, the acupressure is focused on the patient. It is believed by many practitioners of natural medicine that illnesses and other ailments are a result of unbalanced Qi or a disharmony in one’s natural flow of energy. By addressing the imbalance, the acupressure administrator can treat illness and ailments by promoting their patient’s flow of Qi.

What Causes Imbalances In Qi?

Basic principles of traditional Chinese medicine state that illnesses or other ailments can be caused by too much, or too little Qi. That being said, imbalances in your natural flow of energy can be caused by numerous things ranging from physical to emotional distress. Experiencing a deficiency in Qi can be the result of not feeling fulfilled, not having enough social interaction, not nourishing your body, and more. On the contrary, having too much Qi can be a result of getting too much of something, whether it be an illness, stress, anxiety, or emotion.

Luckily, traditional Chinese medicine techniques like medical acupressures are excellent in treating the imbalances of Qi, part of why Grandmaster Stanley Ngui saw it fit to include acupressure treatments and medical workshops in the NGUI-MATRIX.

What Is Acupressure’s Role In The NGUI-MATRIX?

The NUGI-MATRIX, being a system of health care techniques, is quite compatible with the principles of acupressure. In fact, acupressure treatments are an essential tool within the NGUI-MATRIX. As we have discussed in one of our previous blogs, the NGUI-MATRIX is a holistic approach to pain treatment and pain management — meaning that many separate treatments are used to treat the source of the pain rather than simply treating the symptoms.

Within the NGUI-MATRIX system, a doctor of natural medicine will apply acupressure to specific acupoints on the patient’s body, allowing the Qi to be re-balanced. Upon the re-balancing of the body’s natural flow of energy, the patient will have enhanced recuperative powers, positively affecting their immune system as well as their physical and emotional health.

Learn To Integrate The NGUI-MATRIX Within Your Treatment Regimen

As a medical professional you are always looking for ways to make your practice more appealing to consumers — and what better way is there to do that than to offer more treatment options for pain management and pain therapy. The NGUI-MATRIX offers insight into alternative and complementary medical treatments such as the utilization of acupoints.

If you are interested in increasing the pain management treatment options for your clients, we urge you to attend an upcoming NGUI-MATRIX and acupressure medical workshops hosted by the NGUI-MATRIX founder, Grandmaster Stanley Ngui. By attending this medical seminar you will be able to network with other medical professionals, as well as learn and practice the NGUI-MATRIX health care system.

So what are you waiting for? Allow your practice to offer alternative pain management options by purchasing a ticket to attend the NGUI-MATRIX health care system conference and medical workshop. If you are interested in learning more about the NGUI-MATRIX system and what it can add to your current treatment regimen, click here. If you already know that this proprietary pain management system is perfect for your practice, be sure to purchase a ticket today.