"What to Expect From a NGUI Matrix Matrix Seminar."

When most people think of the term “matrix” they think of its true definition(s) —”something within or from which something else originates, develops, or takes form,” “a mold which is a relief surface is made,” “an electroformed impression of a phonograph record used for mass-producing duplicates if the original,” and more.

While yes, all of those are common definitions, we, here at the NGUI-MATRIX, interpret the word matrix to be something much different. Our favorite definition is that of “an array of circuit elements for performing a specific function” — because a circuit function most closely describes the way that meridians run through the body, carrying natural energy and balancing Qi.

The NGUI-MATRIX matrix seminar is a one, or multi-day, seminar in which you will be able to learn the intricacies of the NGUI-MATRIX from its creator, Grandmaster Stanley Ngui. Grandmaster Stanley Ngui is a 23rd generation administrator of traditional Chinese medicine specialists and has familial roots practicing medicine dating back to the 1300s. With the knowledge that he has gained from family and experience, as well as new concepts he has learned, he has created an innovative new medical treatment system for pain management and pain treatment. But what can you expect to learn when attending an NGUI-MATRIX conference or when you book Grandmaster Stanley Ngui to speak at your next event?

Learning How To Address Simple Pain

Pain is something that affects roughly 540 million people worldwide. Because of this, it is important for medical professionals and clinicians to continue to learn and discover new ways to address pain — being exactly what the NGUI-MATRIX is. When attending a matrix medical seminar, you can expect to learn the fundamentals of simple pain, diagnosing simple pains, and treating simple pains with the NGUI-MATRIX.

Learning About Meridians & The Body Matrix

Well, it would not be a matrix seminar if we did not discuss the circuit-like connectivity of the body. Because the NGUI-MATRIX utilizes natural passageways and meridians to address pain, it is important that you learn to understand the basics of how their passageways work. When attending a matrix seminar with Grandmaster Stanley Ngui, you will learn the function of the natural body matrix, as well as how to augment and manipulate it to address pain.

Learning About End Points & Reflex Points

After you learn the greater conceptual nature of meridians and body matrices it is time to talk about how, and where, you can access the meridians and natural body matrix. Traditionally, this is done through endpoints and reflex points. Endpoints are knowns as locations across the body that act in much the same way as an acupoint — meaning the manipulation of that endpoint can help reduce the pain that is being experienced. A reflex point is similar in the sense that it is a point on your body that allows for you to assess the slowness or briskness of reactions in the body to determine if an issue is localized or spread throughout the body. When attending a NGUI-MATRIX seminar you will learn how to use endpoints and reflex points to help address and treat people with both acute and chronic pains.  

Learning About Complex Pains

Once you have learned about some of the more common and simple pains, you will learn about some of the more common pains. In this section of the matrix seminar, you will learn not only about what constitutes a complex pain, but also how to identify complex pains, and beginning the treatment of complex pains by using the NGUI-MATRIX.

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Learning About Qigong

If you are familiar with some of Grandmaster Stanley’s other professional endeavors, you likely know that aside from speaking at events for the World Organization of Natural Medicine, he also operates his own clinic in Richmond Hill, Ontario. The Ngui Style clinic is a wellness clinic that specializes in acupuncture, Feng Shui, Gongfu, and Qigong. Of these complementary and alternative therapies, Qigong is arguably the most important to the NGUI-MATRIX. During the matrix seminar, Grandmaster Stanley will discuss how Qigong, or the cultivation of natural body energy, can help you to treat people who are in pain.

Learning About Immunity

When people think of immunity, they think of sickness or lack thereof. In reality, immunity is the “ability of an organism (person) to resist a particular toxin by creating actionable antibodies and white blood cells.” While you might be thinking “How could the NGUI-MATRIX possibly help with immunity?”, we would like to point out that the body is a complex system — meaning that it is connected like a circuit, as we discussed earlier in this post.  Because of this, the NGUI-MATRIX can influence the body’s immunity by augmenting the brain and manipulating acupoints, endpoints, and reflex points to alter the “circuit” of the body.

Learning About Mentality and The Brain

As most people know, the human mind is incredibly strong and it can actually influence how our bodies react to stimuli like pain and sickness. While mentality alone is not an adequate tool for counteracting issues like chronic or acute pain, it is a great asset in the treatment of pain — being why it has a role in the NGUI-MATRIX. When attending a matrix seminar, not only will you learn how to physically treat pain, but also how mentality and the brain affect the treatments that you are administering.

Learning About Internal Organs

When people think of chronic or acute pains, they typically think about pains caused by injury or past trauma, when in reality, it is just as likely that someone is experiencing pain as a result of disease or other issues with their internal organs. When it comes to pain, out of sight is not out of mind — just because you can’t see the cause of your pain doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t seek therapy or treatment. The NGUI-MATRIX is a pain management and pain treatment system that seeks to treat both internal and external sources of pain, and when attending a matrix seminar you can learn just how to do so.

Learn About Exceptions

Like any other medical treatment technique, the NGUI-MATRIX has some exceptions that must be considered when being administered. Unique medical conditions require different treatments, and some might not be right for the use of the NGUI-MATRIX. When attending a matrix seminar with Grandmaster Stanley Ngui, you will be able to learn about the exceptions of the NGUI-MATRIX, as well as what situations are most appropriate for its use.

Experience An Advanced Practicum

With any treatment education seminar, it is important that you understand what you have learned fully before moving on. Because of this, the NGUI-MATRIX medical treatment seminar ends with an advanced practicum — allowing you to work with Grandmaster Stanley Ngui to ensure that you have understood the course material. In this section of the matrix seminar, you will be able to ask questions, as well as practice treatment technique under the supervision of Grandmaster Stanley.  

Enroll In An Internship

The last step of the NGUI-MATRIX seminar is to complete an internship and become a certified administrator of the NGUI-MATRIX pain treatment technique. To complete this internship you must provide 100 reports on varied patients and provide them to Grandmaster Stanley for review. Upon doing so, you will be recognized as an approved practitioner of the NGUI-MATRIX system!

Purchase A Ticket To A Matrix Seminar Near You

If you are interested in being able to provide people at your medical facility or clinic with innovative new pain management techniques, we strongly urge you to consider purchasing a ticket to an upcoming NGUI-MATRIX conference near you. This innovative pain treatment technique will not only allow you to provide your patients with complementary and alternative treatment techniques, but it will also allow you to provide more effective pain management and pain treatment — being that the NGUI-MATRIX has a 95-percent success rate. So what are you waiting for? Purchase a ticket today or book Grandmaster Stanley for your next event.

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