Medicine is an extremely volatile industry due to the incredible amount of change that can potentially occur in even one years time. New technologies have developed that phase out older techniques and medicines. New medical treatments are developed that make current treatments appear to be ineffective. In order to avoid finding yourself unable to provide new treatments and technologies to your patients, it is important to stay on the forefront of medical innovation by continuing to always be a student of medicine by attending medical seminars and other knowledge sourcing events.

One field of medicine that has been practiced for thousands of years yet has seen little innovation or change is that of pain management. Sure, pain has been addressed by doctors of sorts for thousands of years, but the remedy was initially, and seemingly currently is , to prescribe some form of painkiller — the difference being that once it was herbal and now it is synthetic. We aren’t saying that traditional Chinese medicine or current western medicine standards and treatments are wrong, we are simply stating that sometimes people seek complementary and alternative medicines as an alternative to the traditional pain management techniques that we find ourselves so familiar with.

In today’s NGUI-MATRIX blog post we will discuss a few reasons why it is important to provide people with options for pain management and pain therapy rather than one blanket solution.

People Like To Be In Control

People like to feel as if they are in control of all facets of their life. Yes, you are an experienced professional that is well versed in pain management techniques, but the patient will still always want to feel as if they have some form of control — even if it is just choosing their method of therapy. By simply being able to offer someone multiple methods of treatment, they might feel more comfortable or optimistic about the result of the pain management strategy.

People Like To Have Options

We live in a new age of treatment where people want new and innovative options. In fact, the number of treatment options that you offer in comparison to your competitor may be the difference in who gets the customer, as consumers of pain management treatment are likely to go to the provider that makes treatment most convenient to them.

Give The People What They Want With The NGUI-MATRIX: Options

As we have discussed in previous blogs, the NGUI-MATRIX is an alternative pain treatment system developed by Grandmaster Stanley Ngui that utilizes both new pain relief technologies as well as some aspects of traditional Chinese medicine, a medical practice that has been passed down from father to son in his family for over 26 generations. In an effort to allow you to offer complementary and alternative pain treatment options to those in need, Grandmaster Ngui is holding a series of medical seminars and medical conferences where he will teach his proprietary pain management system in both lectures and practicums.

If you are interested in attending this once in a lifetime conference we urge you to purchase a ticket. If you have any questions about the NGUI-MATRIX system be sure to contact us today.

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