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The NGUI-MATRIX is an innovative new pain management technique that was developed by Grandmaster Stanley Ngui. As a professional in traditional and clinical medicine, as well as alternative therapies, Grandmaster Stanley Ngui created a non-toxic and non-invasive pain management technique that medical professionals can integrate within their own pain management regimen in an effort to both provide patients with alternative treatment options and reduce the need for potentially harmful opioid prescriptions. 

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The Issue: The Opioid Epidemic

For decades, opioids have been prescribed heavily to North Americans and others around the world. It is only in recent years that medical communities around the world have begun to recognize the opioid crisis and take action towards seeking alternative treatments and therapies for pain management — even as they watched the problem grow in their very own backyard. 

Opioids are a class of drug that is naturally found in opium poppy plants. The use of opioid drugs grew in the 1990s as medical professionals around the world began to prescribe the medication to people who are suffering problematic symptoms from their diseases or injuries — with general pain being the most common symptom treated. 

Used to block the pain signals between the brain and the body for those who are experiencing mild to severe pain, opioid-based medications have become a blanket solution in the medical industry. In turn, the utility of opioids and their addictive qualities have led to the overprescription and abuse of opioid-based drugs.

The Effect of Opioids Globally

Opioids, while effective in relieving pain, are extremely addicting. Because of this, their widespread use over the last three decades is quite concerning. In fact, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), there were an estimated 27 million people who suffered from opioid use disorders in 2016 alone. 

While it might seem like we are trying to villainize opioids, that is not the intent of this blog post. Instead, it is to bring to light the issues that have been caused by the improper use or overprescription of opioids. When used in correct doses, there is a minimal risk that someone will develop an addiction. If someone is prescribed opioids for too long or at too high of a dose for a short time, however, people are much more likely to become addicted. 

Addiction is an ugly thing no matter how you look at it. People lose their loved ones every day because of it. In fact, roughly a third to a half of all drug-related deaths worldwide are attributed to the improper use of opioids. 

Who Has the Highest Risk of Overdose?

  • People with an opioid-dependence who are experiencing a reduction of tolerance (Relapse shortly after or during treatment for opioid abuse) 
  • People who use opioids via injection
  • People who abuse high-dose prescription opioids
  • People who mix opiates with other drugs that have sedative qualities 
  • People who must chronically take opioids for their conditions
  • People that have access to someone else’s opioids (Children and people who aren’t educated about the effects of opioids)

The opioid crisis is very real. Every single day people around the world knowingly or unknowingly put themselves in danger by taking opioids that they have been overprescribed, wrongfully prescribed, or illegally obtained. So how can the global opioid crisis be solved? 

The Solution: Alternative Treatment Options

While the opioid crisis is a very real issue, there are things that both individuals seeking treatment and medical professionals can do to address the problem and avoid contributing to the epidemic. Below, we have listed a few things that can be done to avoid contributing to the opioid issue or becoming a statistic in the ongoing fight against opiate-related addiction and death. 

As A Consumer

Are you currently suffering from chronic or acute pain? If so, it is important to shop around for a doctor or clinical therapist that can offer you treatment in other ways than prescribing opioid painkillers. As a consumer of medical treatment and therapy, it is important to explore your treatment options before settling. Sure, in some cases the only solution might be the use of opioids combined with an alternative treatment, but it is important that you cover your bases and seek out every option prior to considering the use of potentially addictive and deadly drugs. 

As a consumer, you can change your approach to seeking treatment. Rather than thinking “I have pain. Where can I go or what can I do to get rid of this pain?”, consider thinking about what is causing your pain and what you could do to have it treated or managed. In short, it is important for you to seek treatment for your medical issue, not the pain that your medical issue is causing you. 

As A Professional

Medical professionals and therapy providers alike have the opportunity to make the largest impact on the opioid epidemic. Aside from the obvious, being the reduction in opioid prescriptions, medical professionals and therapists have the ability to offer and recommend alternative therapies or medical treatments that are non-addictive, non-invasive, and non-toxic.

Treatments like the NGUI-MATRIX can help you to do so. The NGUI-MATRIX is an alternative pain management technique that is easy to implement within your treatment regimen and offer to your patients. Learn more about the NGUI-MATRIX today

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