Medical seminars and medical conferences are no new thing, as healthcare professionals have been exchanging new found knowledge with each other for thousands of years. In doing so medicine, as a whole, can become more complete as medical practitioners “fill” the gaps in each others knowledge. It is quite obvious that these gatherings of medical professionals are beneficial as both a resource of new information, and as a refresher for all of the working knowledge that a medical practitioner must use on a day-to-day basis, but seldom do medical seminars cover new topics — findings that have not yet been shared.

Grandmaster Stanley Ngui, the founder of the NGUI-MATRIX health care system, will be holding a medical conference with many small medical seminars on the upcoming dates of September 8. If you are interested in learning about a new approach to the treatment and management of pain, we urge you to purchase a ticket to this wonderful and informative event today.

In today’s blog post, we will be discussing some of the reasons that medical conferences and seminars like this are so important within the medical communities.

Medical Seminars Encourage Discussion

One of the most overlooked benefits of medical seminars, medical conferences, or any type of professional medical gathering is that they promote discussion and collaborative problem-solving. Yes, you may be attending a medical seminar with the simple intent to broaden your knowledge base, but you might also hear something and have something constructive and progressive to bring forward to the speaker.

While you attend Grandmaster Stanley’s NGUI-MATRIX medical conference you might learn how traditional Chinese medicine has influenced Western medicine, or even how holistic medicine plays a large role in all medical systems, regardless of if it is an Eastern or Western system. By attending Grandmaster Stanley’s medical seminar, not only will you broaden your knowledge base of pain management and therapy techniques, but you will also be able to have collaborative discussions with others in attendance — bringing us to our next point.

Medical Seminars Are A Great Way To Network

While your initial intent to attend a medical seminar is likely unrelated to the idea of networking with other medical professionals, it is something that you will indeed be doing. Whether you want to network or not, you will be surrounded by other medical professionals from your area, as well as from far off. Some of the other medical professionals might be from your chosen focus in medicine, and others might not. By interacting with someone you might be able to establish connections that can benefit your professional career.

Additionally, while attending Grandmaster Stanley’s medical seminar, networking with others can help introduce you to different understandings of Grandmaster Stanley’s teachings. When you are learning about a new topic, especially that of a new health care approach like the NGUI-MATRIX, it can be extremely beneficial to share interpretations with those around you, as they may pick up on something that you did not and vice versa.

Medical Seminars Offer Hands-On Practice

Rather than purchasing a guide online and teaching yourself the content, a medical seminar can give you hands-on experience. Most people probably remember from college or even grade school for that matter, that you can never truly learn something until you practice it. Luckily, most medical seminars — at least the ones that offer knowledge of physical treatments — offer practicums or workshops where those in attendance can practice the applications that they had just learned.

While attending the upcoming conference on the NGUI-MATRIX health care system, one can both learn new content, and then practice the applications of that content in practicum sessions. Topics ranging from tacking, moving Qi, PMD, HMD, UE-NP, and more will be presented in practicum formats to ensure that you as an attendee will get the most out of your experience.

They Offer You Something To Take back To Your Practice & Patients

Are you an acupuncturist or acupressurist? A Qi Gong practitioner, manual manipulation practitioner, or a massage therapist? What about a chiropractor or an osteopath? Heck, even if you are a general clinician, there is something great that you can stand to gain from attending a medical seminar hosted by a doctor or natural medicine like Grandmaster Stanley Ngui.

While the opportunity to learn the NGUI-MATRIX pain management systems is an excellent opportunity for you as a medical practitioner, it is even more of a benefit to those who visit your practice as you now have a complementary and alternative pain therapy that you can offer.

Join Us At The NGUI-MATRIX Medical Seminar

If you are interested in cashing in on even one of the above benefits, we urge you to purchase a ticket and lock in your seat for the upcoming NGUI-MATRIX medical seminar hosted by Grandmaster Stanley Ngui.

This is a once and a lifetime opportunity and we hope that you purchase a ticket before they run out. For any additional questions that you might have about this medical seminar and medical conference, please contact us.

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