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When people think of pain they tend to think of it one-dimensionally. Pain is either present, or it isn’t. There is either a lot of pain, or there is hardly any pain.

That being said, pain is a medical symptom that should not be viewed one-dimensionally, because when pain is generalized to be one thing, people tend to rely on one type of treatment or medication to address and resolve it.

There are hundreds of medical treatments and techniques that are utilized to treat a variety of different pains, but none are as innovative as the NGUI-MATRIX, a newly developed pain management and treatment technique that has been developed by Grandmaster Stanley Ngui. The NGUI-MATRIX is different from traditional treatment techniques in the sense that it was developed to treat all different types of pain both effectively and naturally, rather than being developed for the purpose of simply masking the pain like pain killers and other prescription medications do.  

In today’s blog post, we will be discussing the two different classifications of pain, as well as how the NGUI-MATRIX can help to treat or manage them.

Pain Overview

Pain is not an injury like some people might frame it to be. Instead, pain is a symptom of an injury — almost like your body is trying to tell you that something is not right. Pain can manifest itself as a sharp prick, a dull pressure, a sting, an ache, or pretty much any other discomfort. Regardless of how someone perceives their pain, one thing is sure — their nervous system is pointing to an issue that needs to be resolved.

When discussing pain, there are generally two categories of pain that all forms of discomfort fall within — chronic and acute.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is not defined by how it feels; in fact, it can manifest itself in the form of many different sensations. Instead, chronic pain refers to the amount of time or the regular occurrence, pain is experienced for an individual. Generally speaking, a pain becomes known as chronic pain if it has regularly been experienced or constantly experienced for longer than six months.

Chronic pain is often thought of as a pain that is developed as a result of a past injury, old age, or surgery. While yes, injuries, age, and surgery are ` common reasons that someone might experience pain over an extended period of time, chronic pain can develop for a number of reasons.

The NGUI-MATRIX is specifically designed to address all types of pain, including chronic pain, by correcting the physical abnormality that is causing the pain — making it an incredible chronic pain relief treatment.

Acute Pain

Acute pain finds itself on the opposite side of the spectrum from chronic pain. Acute pain generally lasts less than six months and is resolved by the treatment or natural healing if the injury that has caused the pain.

While injuries that cause acute pain usually fix themselves naturally, they can still last as long as six months — meaning that you should never feel hesitant to seek acute pain relief from a medical professional or clinician. After all, unchecked injuries that cause acute pain can easily become long-term injuries with chronic pain.

The Common Issue — Seeking Pain Relief

Acute pain and chronic pain can be very different, but there is one thing that they have in common — they are unpleasant and should be dealt with quickly.

When seeking treatment that will provide you with pain relief, there are a few things that you should look for. First and foremost, it is important to find a pain management and pain treatment regimen that will address the root of your pain rather than simply relieve you from the pain temporarily. Second, it is important to find a treatment that is non-toxic and non-invasive — because you are trying to fix unresolved issues, not add to them. So what should you do?

See A Professional Trained In The NGUI-MATRIX Pain Treatment Technique

If you want to address your chronic or acute pain in a natural way, we urge you to ask your clinician of primary care provider about the NGUI-MATRIX. The NGUI-MATRIX is innovative pain management and treatment technique that corrects the abnormality or injury that is causing the pain.

What set’s the NGUI-MATRIX apart from other treatments is its deviation from modern medicine. Developed using medical concepts from both Eastern and Western medicine, the NGUI-MATRIX emphasizes a drug-free treatment approach that differs from modern medicine’s heavy reliance on prescription medication.

So what are you waiting for? Ask your primary care provider or clinician about the NGUI-MATRIX and if it can help you. Is your care provider unaware of the NGUI-MATRIX? Urge them to attend an upcoming medical seminar and workshop or to book Grandmaster Stanley Ngui to speak at their next event!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us today if you have any questions about the NGUi-MATRIX and what it can do to help treat your chronic or acute pain!

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