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If you have been following your blog you likely know a thing or two about the NGUI-MATRIX by now — but do you know what helped to influence the development of this innovative pain management system? In today’s blog we will be discussing Grandmaster Stanley Ngui’s Nguistyle clinic, and how the work he does at his clinic and his experience in integrative medicine have helped him to develop the NGUI-MATRIX.

What Does It Take To Create A Medical Treatment?

As we have discussed in past blogs, there was no chance involved with Grandmaster Stanley Ngui — it took years of research and experience to develop the NGUI-MATRIX into the integrative treatment that it is today.

Before Grandmaster Stanley Ngui began to develop the NGUI-MATRIX he opened Nguistyle, an integrative medicine clinic and Qigong studio, in Toronto, Canada. Within his studio that he operates with his son, Justin Ngui, he focuses on four primary clinical treatments and arts. In today’s blog post we will be discussing those four areas of focus, as well as how they might have influenced the development of the NGUI-MATRIX.

Influences To The NGUI-MATRIX

The NGUI-MATRIX is heavily influenced by both modern western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, a practice that has been passed down from generation to generation in the Ngui family for thousands of years. While both traditional and integrative medicine have their place in society, Grandmaster Stanley Ngui’s knowledge and experience in both allowed him to come up with an innovative new approach to pain management. But what aspects of his clinic help to shape the NGUI-MATRIX?


Most people know of acupuncture as “the clinical treatment where hundreds of little needles are pricked into the skin.” While yes, this does indeed happen, most people tend to overlook how well placed each needle must be.

Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to alleviate pain — both physically and mentally. While the NGUI-MATRIX does not physically prick the skin as acupuncture does, it does approach alleviating pain in the same way. Both the NGUI-MATRIX and acupuncture utilize acupoints all over the body to relieve pain — proving that while not a part of the NGUI-MATRIX, it did indeed help inspire it.


In some of our past posts, you might remember use referring to Qi, or the body’s natural energy. When the natural flow of energy in the body experiences abnormalities such as imbalance, it can cause symptoms like pain.

While Qigong itself is the study of how one can harness natural body energy, it’s greater concept pays a large role in the NGUI-MATRIX — as the innovative new treatment technique associates pain with abnormalities in the body’s Qi and actively seeks to rebalance and re-allocate it.


Gongfu is the balance between physical and mental states — and it influenced the NGUI-MATRIX in just that way. The NGUI-MATRIX is a holistic clinical treatment that recognizes that pain can be both mental and physical.

Once Gongfu is understood, one can better understand how Qi flows through the body, what impacts the flow of Qi, as well as how to recognize when Qi is imbalanced or experiencing abnormalities that might cause pain.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui has been popularized in western cultures as a popular way to organize furniture — allowing energy to flow through the room. While yes, it can apply to the concepts of interior design, it is more closely associated with the balancing of energies around you.

Feng Shui is more than just the flow of energy around you, it is also the ability to recognize the flow of energy or lack thereof. Much like Gongfu and Qigong, Feng Shui is a conceptual staple that was used in the development of the innovative clinical treatment that we know of as the NGUI-MATRIX today.

The Nguistyle Integrative Medicine Clinic

While the Nguistyle clinic may not have much association with the NGUI-MATRIX, it was still an influential part of its development. We urge you to learn more about the clinic, and if you find yourself in the Toronto area, we urge you to stop by and visit.

Contact us today if you have any questions about the NGUI-MATRIX or the Nguistyle integrative medicine clinic and Qigong studio.

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