Do you organize CME conferences or integrative medicine CMEs? Are you a clinician looking to put on a medical event with a keynote speaker for your practice? If so, we strongly urge you to contact Grandmaster Stanley Ngui — creator of the NGUI-MATRIX pain treatment technique. Grandmaster Stanley Ngui is a clinician with heavy ties to traditional Chinese medicine as a 23rd generation medical professional and has utilized his extensive knowledge of medicine to create a new complementary and alternative medical treatment that can redistribute and rebalance the natural flow of energy in the human body.

But why should you let Grandmaster Stanley Ngui speak at your upcoming medical event?

The NGUI-MATRIX Is New And Exciting

When it comes to medical conferences and CME conferences it is no secret that sometimes the content discussed can be dry. In fact, most conferences knowingly teach clinicians content that they already know as a sort of refresher. If you are putting on a medical event doesn’t it make sense to book a keynote speaker that has exciting new information that those in attendance could actually appreciate?

Being that the NGUI-MATRIX is a new pain management and pain treatment system, it is unknown to most clinicians. Sure, some people in attendance might be familiar with some of the concepts that are discussed, but Grandmaster Stanley Ngui can tie all of the concepts together — revealing a complex and effective treatment system.

Those In Attendance Will Be Able To Utilize What They Learn

Like we said in the above point, medical conferences can get repetitive. While we are not trying to say that it is not necessary for medical professionals to refresh their knowledge, we are just pointing out that it is just as important for medical professionals to learn new information and treatment techniques than it is for them to retain old ones.

By providing those in attendance with the ability to learn a new and exciting medical concept, not only will they leave content with the conference, but they will also leave with a working knowledge that they can later apply within the practice or clinic that they work.

Book Grandmaster Stanley As A Speaker Today

If you are looking for a speaker to present at upcoming CME conferences, integrative medicine CMEs, or even to speak at a private medical event, we urge you to get in touch with Grandmaster Stanley Ngui today. Grandmaster Stanley has earned degrees as a doctor of natural medicine, doctor of integrative medicine, doctor of humanitarian services, doctor of philosophy in Chinese medicine, and as a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and has spoken at the following events in past years.

  • World Congress on Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Speaker & Co-Chair, 2000-present
  • World Organization of Natural Medicine, Speaker & Professor At-Large for universities in 23 countries, 2018
  • St. Francis Xavier University, Speaker, 2007
  • Various Canadian High-Schools/Seminars/Workshops, 1990-present
  • Ryerson University, Speaker, 1979

If you are interested in having an experienced keynote speaker at your next event to present an innovative new medical pain management treatment system, we urge you to get in touch with us today. We look forward to speaking with you.

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