As we have spoken about in past blogs, the purpose of the attending the NGUI-MATRIX CME conference taught by Grandmaster Stanley Ngui is to learn and experience integrative medical training for physicians that might be looking to expand their methods for treating and managing general pain in their patients.

The NGUI-MATRIX continuing medical education conference will be discussing the proprietary NGI-MATRIX healthcare system created by Grandmaster Stanley Ngui. As a 23rd generation practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, Grandmaster Ngui designed his medical system to address pain with a tool that has oftentimes been overlooked by western medicine — the natural flow of energy in the human body.

Essentially, there are areas of the subconscious brain that can be activated — resulting in the corrected flow of energy and the realignment of Qi. In doing so, the abnormalities that the patient has been experiencing, such as pain, will be alleviated or made more manageable.

Grandmaster Stanley Ngui has an incredibly detailed medical history in traditional Chinese medicine, including focuses such as acupuncture, Qigong, Feng Shui, Gongfu, and moxibustion. Because western medicine oftentimes needs alternative methods of pain management, Grandmaster Stanley has decided to share his new medical treatment plan that includes aspects of both Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine.

But other than learning about the NGUI-MATRIX, what can you expect from this continuing medical education conference?

Increased Joy In Your Work

As a healthcare professional, you understand that sometimes providing a diagnosis, or the lack thereof, can be emotionally taxing. It is not uncommon for a patient to visit a care facility and only be able to say that they feel pain, or “something doesn’t feel right”, creating frustrations for the medical staff that is trying to create a treatment plan. By utilizing what you have learned from the NGUI-MATRIX integrative health systems conference, you will be better able to provide alternative treatment strategies to hard to diagnose patients — resulting in a less stressed, and more enjoyable workplace.

Increased Patient Equity  

Oftentimes in the medical profession, there is a gap in patient equity. By attending the NGUI-MATRIX continuing medical education conference you will be better able to improve patient equity by offering better access to health care, an increased quality of treatment, and more favorable treatment outcomes. Additionally, by attending an integrative medicine CME such as the NGUI-MATRIX medical conference, you will be better able to offer your patients with the less-invasive pain management techniques that they deserve.

Increased Leadership Role In Your Workplace

While the NGUI-MATRIX integrative medicine training course was created with the intent to teach, and provide, medical professionals with the highest quality of pain management treatment techniques, it can also aid in the social aspect of your career as well. By attending this natural medicine and technique course you will gain knowledge that your peers do not have, placing you in a leadership position. If a peer needs insight into a certain patient or case you can share the information that you have learned, as well as teach them the basic principles of the NGUI-MATRIX medical technique.

An Improvement In Work

As a medical professional it is without a doubt that you keep track of the success of the treatments that you have administered. After attending the NGUI-MATRIX CME conference, you will see an increase in your treatment record for two primary reasons. The first reason that you can expect to see your treatment results improve is that you will have an increased knowledge in alternative medicine courses of action, and the second being that you will be able to apply the general concepts of the NGUI-MATRIX, even when you are not physically using the MATRIX techniques.

Increase in Patient-Centered Care System

Arguably the largest benefit that you will see from attending the NGUI-MATRIX continuing medical care conference is that you will be able to make the treatment process more patient-centered and inclusive. The core value of being able to provide multiple different treatment options to a patient and their family is not to have a backup if one treatment method fails, but instead to allow the patient to play a role in choosing what treatment path they would like to go down. Regardless of if you learned the technique in holistic medicine course or an integrative medicine training for physicians, the treatment plan should be chosen by the patient with your advice, not forced upon them.

Attend The NGUI-MATRIX CME Conference Today

There are a number of reasons that one should consider attending a CME conference such as the NGUI-MATRIX healthcare conference and practicum, but in the end, the reasons that motivate you to attend will be different for all medical professionals. If you are interested in attending the NGUI-MATRIX conference, we urge you to purchase your ticket for an upcoming event today. If you have any questions about this innovative healthcare system, or even if you just want to learn more about the NGUI-MATRIX treatment system, contact us today!

We look forward to seeing you soon.