One of the most common mistakes in the healthcare industry is not offering different care options for general pain. There are a number of medical conditions that are rather ambiguous in their symptoms other than the fact that pain is present in a localized, or large, area on the human body. Because of this, it is important for healthcare providers to expand their functional knowledge of methods used in response to pain. In today’s blog post, we are going to discuss pain management, pain therapy, and pain treatment, as well as why you should consider attending continuing medical education conferences in order to expand your knowledge of pain management techniques.

What Is Pain Management?

Pain management is oftentimes used as a blanket term for coping with pain. While yes, in a sense anything that you do to get rid of, or to reduce, pain is technically a way that you are managing pain, pain management in a medical sense should only be used for methods of pain reduction that are minimally invasive. Pain management is oftentimes used to address issues that pertain to musculoskeletal and neuropathic disorders and can oftentimes address the pain in one or two sessions with a medical professional.

The NGUI-MATRIX, a proprietary medical technique developed by Grandmaster Stanley Ngui, is a pain management technique that utilizes the natural energy in the human body to rebalance and redistribute unbalanced energy along the body’s meridians. How does this technique address and manage pain? To put it simply, pain can occur as a result of unbalanced energy and can be manifested in abnormalities, by correcting said abnormalities with the NGUI-MATRIX technique, the patient may find relief.

The NGUI-MATRIX pain management technique addresses pain by utilizing a unique, and ancient, methodology used in traditional Chinese medicine. By utilizing information that was passed along to Grandmaster Stanley Ngui by his forefathers before him for 23 generations, Grandmaster Stanley Ngui has created his pain management technique by addressing the various acupoints on the human body, as well as how they relate to the abnormalities and pain that people are experiencing.

Why Are We Talking About The NGUI-MATRIX?

We are talking about the NGUI-MATRIX for one reason, and one reason only — it is a non-invasive pain management technique that works. As we mentioned at the beginning of this blog post, it is imperative that medical professionals continue to grow their knowledge of pain management techniques because pain is something that people will always experience — and medication and surgery are not always the answer.  

Learn More About The NGUI-MATRIX At One Of The Upcoming CME Conferences Near You

As a medical professional you likely already understand that the best way to widen your base of knowledge, in regard to any aspect of healthcare, is to work on your continuing medical education by regularly attending CME conferences. If you are interested in widening your base of knowledge by attending alternative medicines or holistic medicine courses, be sure to keep an eye out for continuing medical education conferences taught by Grandmaster Stanley Ngui. Currently, Grandmaster Stanley Ngui is ramping up his CME conference circuit by hosting two medical education courses on September 8, and October 29 of 2018.

During these continuing medical education conferences, Grandmaster Stanley Ngui will be teaching those in attendance his proprietary new NGUI-MATRIX medical treatment system. This system of non-invasive techniques and tools is designed to align and rebalance the patient’s Qi, correcting any abnormalities or pain that they might be experiencing. If you are interested in attending this integrative medical training lecture and practicum, we urge you to purchase your ticket and secure your seat today.

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